XML Formatter


What is XML?XML, which stands for Extensible Markup Language, is a way to store and transport data in a format that's both human-readable and machine-readable. Think of it like a filing system for information, but flexible enough to handle any kind of data you throw at it.

Here's a breakdown of what XML offers:

Flexibility: Unlike HTML, which has predefined tags, XML lets you create your own tags to describe your data. This makes it suitable for storing all sorts of information, from product catalogs to scientific data.

Structured Data: XML data is organized in a hierarchical structure, using tags to define elements and sub-elements. This makes it easy to understand and navigate the information within an XML file.

Sharing Across Systems: Since XML follows a standardized format, different software applications and platforms can easily understand and process XML data. This makes it a popular choice for exchanging information between different systems.